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A Way Forward

April 26, 2016 – July 25, 2016

How might we...

  • How might we learn more effectively from each other?
    • How might we share what we’re learning in a useful and light way?


If I share a series of poems about our internal experimentation/innovation process at MAG, people will 1. Want to know more; 2. Have a fuller although still fuzzy understanding of the changing landscape and our experiments going forward at both the felt and intellectual levels.


I will continue to reflect in creating writing form, our experiments and my reflections on them and share at least 5 pieces in text and audio (and possible visual) form on an ongoing basis and completing the sharing more than 3 days before our next in-person gathering. Everyone will be compelled to respond to at least one of the pieces at least once. I will post links in Adrienne’s cell.y group. And later more select links here for archival sake (unless we storify). Audio (pieces 1-5) Text (pieces 1-8) Completing the sharing more than 3 days before our next in-person gathering


  1. Did I share at least 5 pieces in text and audio?  Wrote 8 poems in the experimentation process. 5 shared via audio. All 8 in text form.
  2. All E3 members (except Mark) respond to at least one piece (minimal level of engagement)
  3. People want to know more
    1. People ask questions about the content of the poems (through cell.y, in person, on a call, in an E3 meeting.
  4. E3 members can name 1 aspect of MAGs changing landscape at on our E3 call in early July (intellectual and/or  felt level)
  5. Everyone will respond to a survey about the poetry.
  6. My reflections: see below.


Giving a specific number of poems is irrelevant. It’s the impact that is relevant. That impact could come from one poem or 16 depending on the poem. Also, writing the poems is not just a function of making time. There is an internal process of arriving at that place that does not really have a relationship with linear time. Sometimes the poems appear quickly and seemingly out of nowhere. Other times the well feels bone dry, the field fallow even though we know there is momentum in stillness.



With the help of some words from Eugene, I’ve come to realize that importance of understanding what experimentation of this kind requires of us on a human level. I’m curious how we combine this way and depth of knowing with our more “photo-real” log-like sharing of what we are actually doing in our experiments.
Accountable Elissa
Team adrienne, Mark, Jodie, Eugene, Elissa, Alison
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