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Colearning Strategy Retreat 3

December 4, 2017 – February 2, 2018

How might we...

  • How might we work more strategically?


Individual practitioners will want to participate in a two-day, self-organized retreat at least an hour away from where we all live (i.e. NOT held at someone’s house).


Pick a date (January 30-31) and location (Bay Area), and invite the other colearners to:

  1. Declare their individual goals and requests of others
  2. Co-design the retreat

Do the retreat!

Debrief at the end of the retreat.


Everybody will pre-declare what they want to be held accountable to. At the end of the retreat, check in to see how everyone did.

Also have a more qualitative debrief.


  • From the standpoint of the declared hypothesis, the experiment failed. We couldn’t decide on a retreat location (even though we tried), and ended up doing it at my place in San Francisco.
  • 5 participants (down from 8 from last time), including 4 repeats. No out-of-towners this time.
  • Everyone found it valuable once again. Want to do another one in June.
  • As the host, I thought it would be more stressful, but it turned out to be far less. I didn’t have to go anywhere, I didn’t have to pack anything, and I didn’t have to do a lot of setup. We have a good culture of all contributing to food / snacks, which also makes it easier. I also had a similar reaction as Anya did the last two times; I love having people in my space! Especially given the timing (I’ve been very busy professionally), I loved hosting, and would happily do it again.


This time, we picked new dates at the end of our retreat (July 26-27). We’re going to ask for commitments by March 9, then will find and commit to a retreat location. The idea is that if we all commit early and pay in advance, we’ll be able to pull this off.



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