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Joint Landings

April 26, 2016 – July 25, 2016

How might we...

  • How might MAG and STP share learnings with each other?


If we talk more often and in a focused way, then we will gain traction and have next steps to move forward in at least one of four areas.


Elissa & Jodie will meet via phone (if not in person) at least twice exploring potential areas of joint experimentation and landing on a joint experiment (or more than 1) to carry forward with next steps identified. The rest of the group will be curious, ask questions, and have ideas beginning to percolate that may support the emerging experiments. We will share video clip within a week of each meeting and update the group on Celly.  We will update the group in our full group calls so that they get documented in our meeting notes.


Note: measures were not predetermined before the completion of this experiment. Do we have next steps and traction for joint experimentation between STP and MAG? Did Elissa and Jodie shift their relationship and talk more often and with intention?


Being in a rigorous practice with support and accountability moves work. Give it resources if you want it to happen. So we give it more meaning and resources and that matters. Using an experiment frame helped give work between Jodie and Elissa (MAG and STP) more flexibility and space to explore what it could be without committing. Trust was built.


STP not committing to be a main partner in spring of 2017 with MAG because of capacity, will lift it up to funders and STP will participate OD Network Development - there is interest but not a priority so on pause. Practice Sharing our learning. Start that with values based work. We should have funder talking points around each other’s work and spread these memes of how our work weaves. Move forward with another experiment around values based agenda.


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