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March 27, 2017 – April 7, 2017

How might we...

  • How might we learn more effectively from each other?
    • How might we develop the habit of sharing our learnings with each other more frequently?
    • How might we share what we’re learning in a useful and light way?


If we share short videos with each other five days a week for two weeks, then we will find sharing with each other easier and more compelling.


Each person will make a video on WhatsApp of their learnings once a week. Monday: Eugene Tuesday: Jodie Wednesday: Alison Thursday: Mark Friday: Elissa Eugene will set up an automated email reminder to you on the day you are supposed to share the video.


Between April 7 - May 7, how many times do people in E3 spontaneously share learnings with each other, outside of another facilitated gathering? Minimum: At least one person chooses to share a thought (without prompting) with the group on what they’re learning Target: At least two people choose to share a thought (without prompting) with the group on what they’re learning Epic: Everyone chooses to share a thought (without prompting) with the group on what they’re learning


Technically, we hit minimum success. However:
  • We ran into technical roadblocks that made it hard
  • The email notifications helped some of us
  • Even if we hadn't, once a week for two weeks isn't long enough to establish a habit


  • Make sure everyone has resolved their technical problems. (Already resolved for 2/3 people.)
  • Instead of repeating the Kardashians experiment, Eugene wants to do a "The Martian" experiment (which someone had proposed as the original name for this experiment), where he does a video wrap-up of what he's thinking about once a day for five days. Wants to see if others are inspired to do the same (or at least to share their thinking) without pre-committing to an experiment.
We have not yet tested a version of this experiment where we broadcast videos publicly (or at least with a larger audience). Something to think about for a future iteration.



Hashtag #kardashians
Accountable Eugene
Team Eugene, Jodie, Alison, Mark, Elissa
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Modified April 26, 2017


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