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P3 (People + Projects + Principles)

January 3, 2017 – March 17, 2017

How might we...

  • How might we clearly articulate the principles of high-performance collaboration based on what actually works?


If I spend one-hour a week openly documenting what I’ve learned from key people and projects, then I’ll have a good-enough first draft along with constructive feedback from other practitioners.


Spend one hour a week (timeboxed) for 10 weeks trying to free-capture learning from different people and projects on Faster Than 20 wiki. People: Projects: Compile list of folks interested in tracking. Announce new posts once a week. Invite discussion on Loomio. If folks feel comfortable engaging directly on wiki, can do it there too. Conference calls?


Do I deliver on-time for 10 weeks? Community engagement:
  • Number of people engaged + how often?
  • Log changes as a result of feedback
How long will it take to pull together draft principles after 10-weeks of free capture + engagement?


Finished on-time after 10 weeks. Ended up cutting a project (for content not timing reasons) and also skipping a week, but it all worked out. For the People, I needed to up my allocations to three hours a week, and in reality, it took longer, because I found myself thinking a lot about these folks throughout the week and jotting down notes so I wouldn't forget. The main reason it took so long, however, was that I felt the need to include more narrative and context so that others could understand the piece. This may have felt of greater importance, because I wanted to let my peers read my descriptions of themselves. I decided to just go with bullet points with my Projects, and I was easily able to finish the work in an hour a week. The approach made it doable in bite-sized chunks, and it resulted in principles grounded in experience, which raised my confidence in them. I've been wanting to do this for several years, with several false starts, but this is the first time I actually finished the work to my satisfaction! It was relatively easy to pull together a set of draft principles after completing 10-weeks of free capture and engagement. I simply aggregated all the lessons, clustered, and pruned. I then did another iteration where I cross-referenced the work with previous attempts to pull together principles, and settled on five high-level principles. I posted links to my descriptions on Loomio, then shared links to Loomio on the E3 WhatsApp group (five people) and on my Colearning Slack (seven people, not counting three also on WhatsApp). In a few cases, I emailed links to specific people. As far as I could tell from limited and (in some cases) indirect feedback, everybody in E3 read at least some of the posts. Both Jodie and Alison said that reading these helped them understand the approach I was taking to our STP work together. I heard from nine people overall. Most of the feedback was a simple acknowledgement, but some of the feedback surprised me in their depth. The feedback didn't end up helping me pull together the principles, but they did deepen relationships and other people's understanding of me and my approach. It was a nice win, although because the People write-ups ended up taking three times as long, it didn't come for free.


Test the draft principles on as many practitioners as possible, both colleagues and people who barely know me. Iterate.


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