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Photographer + Facilitation Shadow

April 12, 2019 – April 19, 2019
Through (and against) the window of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption.

How might we...

  • How might we support collaboration practitioners?
    • What are the business models for supporting collaboration practitioners?


Packaging my offerings with photography will enable me to offer something impactful, but non-traditional with minimal cultivation overhead.


  1. Write up offerings
  2. Send to initial list of 56 people
  3. See if there any takers


Number of takers + feedback


6 inquiries, including one within five minutes of sending the initial email. First gig happened last week. There was a possibility for this week that would have required travel, and it fell through in the end. One inquiry for next week.

In addition to the inquiries, 9 people responded to the email, mostly sending support and mentioning possible opportunities and partnership. 2 were of the “not interested / relevant” type.

15 responses / 56 invitations => 27% response rate

At least among my colleagues, there’s a market for having me in the room / providing design coaching. Packaging this up with photography made it much easier to sell. I feel good that the design / facilitation shadowing was a big part of the appeal of the package based on the conversations I had with folks.

I may need to adjust pricing based on demand. Will continue to monitor.


Send a followup email to initial invitees summarizing results, inviting other inquiries.

Craft a new invitation that’s more easily shareable with folks who don’t already know me.

Monitor demand / pricing.


How should I handle IP?


  1. I got my first inquiry 6 minutes after sending my email. That’s never happened with any of my other offers first. So right off the bat, my hypothesis around minimal cultivation overhead feels strong.

  2. It’s been eight hours since I sent my email. I’ve heard from 8 of the 56 folks. All were supportive and excited, a few are potential storytelling partners, and two were real inquiries for upcoming meetings.

    One of the inquiries was from a colleague I just saw in person two days ago. She had been wanting feedback on her design, but didn’t think to ask until she saw my email. Her inclination was to take it out of her own budget, but because I’m offering photography (which the client understands and wants), it’s easier for her to ask for budget from the client.

  3. Got another inquiry today. Two of the inquiries (including today’s) were for meetings in the next week.

  4. Another work inquiry today, this one for for work that’s in the proposal process.

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