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July 31, 2013 – August 9, 2013

How might we...

  • How might we learn more effectively from each other?
    • How might we develop the habit of sharing our learnings with each other more frequently?


Talking more frequently will lead to exponentially deeper learning (and lots of other good stuff).


Eugene and Seb will talk once a week for four weeks for an hour. They will spend roughly equal time talking about what’s on their mind. Beyond that, there will be no agenda.

After each call, they will record a 2-4 minute video of their “jazz hands moment” from their conversation, which they will share publicly.


How many times did Eugene and Seb talk?

What emerged from these conversations?

How many times did they share Jazz Hands Moments?

What feedback did they get on the Jazz Hands Moments?



+ Δ
  • We had 4+1 conversations, even though we’re busy, have things starting up, time difference. (minimum)
  • Someone added “jazz hands” to repository of co-creative patterns
  • We had people watching (mostly Seb’s fans) and engaging
  • Therapeutic: emotional benefit of being able to talk to a peer regularly with context that builds up. Replaces the water cooler.
  • Convergence around wanting to replicate benefits of organizations without creating an organization. (Compulsory attendance at regular hours and a coffee machine. Have to force it in a distributed context through commitment.)
  • Good content.
  • Didn’t reach epic: Get something serious started together.


+ Δ
  • Ability to go freeform, open and flexible about the agenda
  • Self-organized a Goals conversation, though unfinished
  • Largely improvised, slightly structured. Felt like good jam sessions. A number of things could have gone wrong. Both had good sense of where conversation wanted to go and how lightly or strongly we needed to hold onto structure.
  • “You first” checkin ritual. Added humor. Always have to break the script! Shifts from provider to human relationship.
  • A longer experiment would have been better, in order to really test the emergence hypothesis — 6-8 weeks. Need more time to unload baggage before we can be more generative.
  • Don’t feel like acquired any new habits. Germinations, but a longer experiment might have done the trick. Want to be more intentional about meetings in general; import some of the OS that we used here. Still feels slightly alien.


+ Δ
  • EEK learned stuff about Seb, and it was good.
  • Humor! Inside jokes.
  • Seb’s confidence in EEK’s ability to hold structure allowed him to let go while paying attention to cues. Was able to play role of improviser while EEK was drummer. Hope by osmosis picked up how to be drummer (which was role in Project Kitchen).

  • Even more confident in our ability to have generative conversations: go convergent, divergent. Sound foundation to take things further, be bolder.
  • Seb felt liked talk more than EEK. He was mirror more than other way around.
  • EEK’s emotional difficulties around Changemaker Bootcamp didn’t show.


Synthesize what we learned in these four weeks. (Seb: contextualize in my own story)

Repeat the same experiment for another four weeks.

Potential variations:

  • Introduce one other person
  • Add more structure
    • Current structure: checkin, discussion, checkout, jazz hands
    • Goals review
    • Make the notes public


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