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February 27, 2017 – March 3, 2017

How might we...

  • How might I reduce my experience of overwhelm and anxiety when dealing with big complex projects or too many projects?


    If I intentionally increase and track my use of leaning in and handshake practices in meditation, then I’ll experience less overwhelm / anxiety in my work situation. (I might also notice an objective shift  in work efficiency, improved sleep, diet, and exercise.)


    Every day during for one week, Mark will mediate. He will incorporate lean in and handshake practices. Email notification and link with Whole Life Challenge for documentation.


    Have done some meditation than none That I do daily documentation Higher quality sessions given Things that are good for me list. Write Short sentence about overwhelm and anxiety level at end of the week, unless I notice something earlier--(shifts gradually, what is general trend). May also comment on objective shift  in work efficiency, improved sleep and diet.


    There’s NO good reason to not take the time to meditate every day.  My whole week and felt sense of things being OK was palpable. Documentation during first part of week increased my sense of commitment and focus on this experiment for later part of the week even though documentation fell off some.


    I will build calendar/e-mail reminders and live link to documentation into future experiments. I don’t think I'll do another iteration — seems fairly self-generating at least for now.  Might shift to an experiment to increase daily exercise — which I’ve been doing poorly at despite it being a Whole Life Challenge commitment for which I regularly lose points for non-performance!  How to take micro-level personal experiments and translate to org’l/movement context?


    How might I increase even further my follow-through on documentation? (Imp’t. Because I think documentation is a key to greater follow-through, at least for me.)
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