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Tender Transparency in Action

April 26, 2016 – July 25, 2016

How might we...

  • How might we balance our desire to impact society by sharing widely while acknowledging potential damage?


If meeting notes are open by default from now until the next in-person meeting, we will find that (a) they get shared one time outside of the group and everyone in E3 feels good or not harmed; (b) Convos that don’t happen because of self-censoring are minimal; (c) there is collective responsibility to tender transparency (eg. do you want to share this?).


Alison will make a new meeting log, track reminders of tender transparency and responses to prompt post meeting. If people share the meeting log with another person, they will give that person specific permission to view the google document and inform the group that they have shared the notes with this person.


  • How often do people give reminders of tender transparency as a collective responsibility?
  • After each meeting reflect on: Did you not say or say something differently knowing that these notes would be public?
  • Number of times that the meeting notes are shared with someone outside of E3
    • Were you ok with these being shared?


Reminding people about tender transparency at beginning and end of calls was helpful. It was a breakthrough to realize that tender transparency didn’t mean that it was going public, rather we could share it with people we trust and so that people can learn and grown this work with us. Tender is that we want increase the space for learning, not cause drama. Because we had agreed at the beginning to make meeting notes tenderly transparent it made it easy for Elissa to share them, eg. we didn’t have to put in extra work to share about our meetings!


Keep tender transparency going.


Accountable Alison
Team adrienne, Mark, Jodie, Elissa, Eugene
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Modified February 19, 2019
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