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Tweeting Office Hour Invitations

March 30, 2020 – April 3, 2020

How might we...

  • How might I reach more people?
    • How might I develop closer relationships with social media followers?


If I announce my office hours on Twitter and Facebook, I will get at least one participant.


Invite folks to office hours on Twitter, Facebook, and The Value Web’s Mighty Networks one day in advance. Send a reminder an hour before office hours starts.

In order to avoid Zoom bombing, going to ask folks to @ me for the URL rather than sharing it publicly, recognizing that this is an additional barrier to participation. In my initial experiment, only five out of the 11 who showed had RSVPed.


How many folks show from Twitter, Facebook, or The Value Web Mighty Network?


No one showed up from Twitter, Facebook, or The Value Web, although two people from The Value Web said they’d like to show up to future office hours. My personal Facebook post got two likes, but they didn’t ask for more details and didn’t show.

In general, I haven’t found my Faster Than 20 Facebook or Twitter accounts too fruitful in terms of engagement. That doesn’t mean there’s not potential to activate those followers. I could try creating a landing page for office hours to make it easier for folks to find them.

On a separate note, I had 8 participants overall:

  • 2 from Colearning (1 is also on my Bay Area practitioners list
  • 4 from my newsletter
  • 2 from my Bay Area practitioners list

The conversation was lovely, and the distribution of when folks joined was more even this time. We actually went almost 10 minutes over!

I also tried having folks “sign-in” via Google Presentation, and I took notes throughout. It was a little wonky. One person didn’t want to stare at the Google Presentation the whole time, preferring to see people’s faces. Another person did help take some notes.

The notes themselves made for a nice after-the-fact artifact.


I’m going to do two more of these, then probably stop. I’ll continue to advertise over social media and The Value Web, although it’s probably not worth my effort to do a landing page. (We’ll see if I change my mind.)

I’m going to have folks opt-in in advance to sharing the notes (including attendee lists).

At the end, I’ll have done four total weeks of these offices hours, and should have some interesting synthesis to share with the broader community (in case they’re interested).


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Modified April 3, 2020
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