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April 10, 2017 – April 21, 2017
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How might we...

  • How might I reach more people?


Re-publishing my blog posts on LinkedIn and Medium will reach more people without having to do any additional work.


  1. Re-publish two blog posts on LinkedIn and Medium, with notices at the beginning and end referring to Faster Than 20
  2. Measure views and engagement


Success is if I get any engagement (i.e. likes, comments, shares) on everything I re-publish.


Success! LinkedIn is a great, underutilized channel! Medium, not so much, at least without additional work.  


Keep re-publishing to LinkedIn (although test other dimensions — see questions below). Try removing first paragraph referral to Faster Than 20 on Medium to see if that has any impact.


What impact would the following factors have on engagement for LinkedIn?
  • Link to Faster Than 20 vs re-publish
  • Day and time
How many Medium Recommends would be required before people start seeing the post?


  1. I tested this with two posts:

    On Medium, I got one view and no engagement.

    • I’m noticing that on the article listing, the first thing you see is the referral to Faster Than 20. Next time, try removing that notice from the beginning (it’s still at the end).

    On LinkedIn, I got lots of views and engagement

    • The “Secret” to High-Performance Collaboration Is Practice: 51 views, 23 likes, 2 shares, 1 email, including 7 folks I don’t already know and several I don’t know well
    • Eating Humble Pie: Lessons in Listening: 17 views, 3 likes

    Obviously, this is a tiny sample size, there was variation between articles, and there’s lot more to test — headlines, time and day posted, article length, etc. But even without the additional testing, it’s clear that I already have a built-in audience with LinkedIn that I’ve been underutilizing (I’ve never posted anything there before), and that re-publishing there will result in returns with little additional work. Moreover, LinkedIn reaches beyond my first-degree network.

    I have more or less the same followers on Medium as I do on Twitter, but I’ll have to do some initial work before any network effects kick in. Not sure how motivated I am to test this, but there are probably simple enough tests that it’s worth trying.


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