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Values Agenda

June 30, 2016 – September 1, 2016

How might we...

  • How might MAG and STP share learnings with each other?


If Jodie & Elissa take Elissa’s value survey, analyze survey results together, and cull out foundational vision and values, then we will understand more about what our common values based agenda could be.


Jodie will take Elissa’s Values Survey Jodie and Elissa will meet to do analysis together! (7/18 at 12:30 - 2pm),
  • Overview of system
  • Talk about Report
  • Have another conversation...
  • Create next steps, pull out learnings


Know more about how to approach a values based common agenda in a cross-issue movement network.
  • Know more = connecting cool people with systems
  • How do we think about alignment (not rigid, symbiotic interplay) between people? Resonance across levels of people, organization, network -- connecting this up in a bigger space with more layers and people.
  • Value and bring in knowing that already each have.
Jodie and Elissa feel more resonance
  • Shows up in Elissa’s poetry, communicated there.
  • If resonates with Jodie then will be sharing it with other people in team - learning would be introduced within STP more broadly,) Easier to share)
  • Jodie would be able to track and point to places where this learning influenced our approach to work that we were doing (longer term measure and short term)
  • Elissa would be eager to introduce this aspect to MAG, point to how this is showing up differently in MAG.
Can show people how we did this and what happened can be an entry point for asking others how they’ve done this work, Ex. MSC has done work in this area with their networks and repeat and weave or spark a new form of experimentation about how you learn with adding another person and another person — future iterations. Or share it with someone and leads to exploration of learning from previous work — jumping off point.


Incomplete / stalled



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