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December 14, 2016 – January 17, 2017

How might we...

  • How might we make the case for experimentation as a way to navigate complexity and achieve big goals?
    • How might we convey the story of E3 as a compelling narrative?


If we create a narrative video about E3 with multiple voices and share it, then we’ll learn what portions of the narrative are compelling to people.


Participants will make a short video selfie (2 min max) about E3 in a storytelling format by 1/11/17.

EP and AMB to have video call and record it so that Adrienne’s voice will also be included.

The prompts that we came up with on our last call were:

  • Depth of this process, different from action learning cycles because is traditional. How is this deeper and more rigorous?
  • What is it about fast cycles times that are so critical in this time? (why particularly fit this time)
  • Not overlooking crises of our time but way of dancing with it.
  • Tap into multiple ways of knowing.

Elissa will then compile these into short video by 1/16/17.

We will share the video in multiple settings to multiple people:

  • Elissa to share at her meeting with Ellen and Jen at the Compton Foundation on 1/16/17.
  • Eugene will have a parallel share of his video via social media and his website and track people’s reactions.
  • Jodie will share via email with Linda Wood, who has responded well to newsletters and she will share opinions with you about narrative and language.


We believe that we will learn that narratives will be most powerful when they include the following elements:

  • Importance of authenticity
  • Balance emotional urgency with action oriented what needs to happen next
  • Depth of process in comparison to action learning.

What are the qualitative reactions to viewing the video?

  • Comments & reactions
  • Observations

With attention to comments that touch on

  • Authenticity of video
  • Narrative presentation
  • Which narrative resonates most strongly with viewer
  • Content specifics
  • Action inspired


Not documented



Accountable Elissa
Team Elissa, Jodie, Eugene, Alison
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