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Weekly Clarity

April 16, 2018 – May 14, 2018

How might we...

  • How might I reduce my experience of overwhelm and anxiety when dealing with big complex projects or too many projects?


    Duende’s Clarity alpha template will help me manage my daily and weekly priorities more skillfully.


    Use two sheets of Duende’s Clarity alpha toolkit for two weeks. Log real-time reactions, reflections upon completion.


    Did I understand how to use it correctly?

    Did I use it?

    Did I feel more organized?

    What suggestions do I have?


    I didn’t end up using it more than once. The data I captured in the Updates is complete.

    I didn’t carry it around with me, and I happened to be gone a lot, which probably contributed to me not using this more than once.

    However, even doing this once validated the value of a more rigorous weekly practice of examining (and documenting) my high-level priorities. It’s hard to build that habit! Would love to try other things.




    1. duende-clarity-template-2018-04-16


      • This was pretty easy to fill in, because I use Trello pretty extensively. But simply adding the additional discipline of using the Eisenhower Matrix is oh so valuable!
      • I like the day labels! They add a useful dimension to the matrix, and they’re also fun.


      • The different headers on the left side versus right side of the page are confusing me. Are you testing two different designs? I’m assuming each page is one week?
      • Wish I had a slash between month and day on the headers.
      • I know what the legend (with the dot, star, etc.) is for, because you explained these to me the other day, but without that explanation, I would have been completely disoriented and would have probably ignored these. I kept these empty at first, then just ended up filling in the days. I suppose this would make more sense if I were using this in a chunk larger than weekly (which I suppose I have the option for on the left side), but you’re making me think pretty hard to understand this, and I’m not sure I’m getting the requisite amount of value for that.
      • Not sure what the dotted lines above the quadrant are for.
      • I just realized that I put things in the wrong quadrant. Because of where the labels are, I assumed that the Urgent-Important quadrant was on the upper left rather than the upper right.
      • Or maybe I did put it in the right place? I noticed the lower right is shaded, perhaps implying that I should de-prioritize those items because they’re less urgent and less important?


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