Kardashians Survey Result

We took a quick survey to gather some data on how the Kardashians experiment went. Four out of five of us filled it out. Here are the results:


Off the top of your head, what themes or lessons came up in the videos that have stuck with you? (Please don’t re-watch the videos to answer this.)

  • How much this was a reflection on experiments. Eugene started us off with the Um experiment and then Elissa closed with provocative questions about privilege and experiments. I added in some via text about questions re the rigid frame of experiments and privilege although I was coming at it with a race frame. This makes me want to relisten to Mark’s audio because I remember that as moving me even though I can’t reproduce the content.
  • Intersection of experimentation and equity. How this weekly reflection (even just the two times that I did it) along with the reflections of others, sparked other kinds of creative thinking for me.
  • Mark on equity. Elissa on privilege.
  • I removed the app a couple of times during the process to deal with my technical difficulties and lost the content in the process so didn’t get to watch or listen to them all.


Any final thoughts?

  • Thanks for trying this form and getting the dashboard up and generally being a solid A on this experiment, Eugene. The conversation here has prompted me to actually start an outline and put some words on paper for a blog on experimentation!!!
  • I would like to try it again so I can more fully participate.