The Martian Day 3 Feedback!

I got no feedback the first two days of doing #themartian, either on the E3 WhatsApp or on my Colearning Slack. As usual, I just assumed my videos were going into the ether — no harm, no foul.

I posted my Day 3 video yesterday and suddenly started hearing from folks!

First, on Slack, one colleague shared this:

Love these @eekim! Now I have TWO end of day viewing rituals: Bob Reich’s “Resistance Report” and Eugene Kim’s “Takeaway”!

Later that evening, an E3 colleague noted how my takeaway reminded her of this Oatmeal comic that’s been going around.
This morning, on our E3 checkin call, another colleague referred to my videos and some ideas that they sparked.

Most surprisingly, a peer shared a comment on my YouTube channel this afternoon! I wasn’t expecting anyone to be following me there!

Folks are listening, even if I’m not necessarily aware of it. It’s gratifying and also a little nerve-wracking, as you don’t want to waste anyone’s time either. Still, I’m much more inclined to continue this experiment knowing that folks are listening. I’m particularly curious (and this is the main thing I’m tracking) to see if this inspires others to share takeaways more regularly in similar ways.